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Availability to the client is top priority at The Law Office of James D. Metzger. We realize that if we aren’t keeping in touch, then we aren’t serving your needs. That’s why we have a full-time staff to answer your call. Calls and emails to James Metzger are responded to promptly; usually within 24 hours. James will even meet with you in person after hours or during weekends by appointment.



felony, misdemeanor, drunk driving, possession, pistolCRIMINAL LAW EXPERIENCE

Put my experience of over a decade to work for you! As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and supervisor of narcotics and civil forfeiture units, I have handled a wealth of cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex felony matters. I have extensive experience in narcotics cases of all types, firearms cases and probation violation matters. Put me to work as your criminal defense attorney today.



Civil Law | Divorce | Custody | Guardianship| Landlord TenantCIVIL LAW EXPERIENCE

A wide range of civil law experience. In addition to my experience as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, I have practiced civil law in an expansive array of areas included landlord-tenant law, creditor harassment, debt collection, criminal record expungement, divorce, child support / custody, guardianship, estate administration, property law, damage to underground facilities, and general civil litigation.




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